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We Pressure Wash Everything

Pressure Washing Watsonville, CA

Cities: Watsonville, Monterey, Morgan Hill, Sana Cruz, Scotts Valley , Los Gatos

Counties: Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara

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No Matter The Problem We Will Pressure Wash It Clean For You

What Needs To Be Cleaned?

  • Our Driveway
  • The Deck, It Used To Be A Different Color
  • Our Roof And Gutters, They Have Seen Better Days
  • Our House Color Has Changed!
  • A Thin Layer Of Algae Has Formed On Our Pool Deck
  • The Sidewalk Needs To Be Pressure Washed

Don't Deal With The Ugliness Anymore

Keep The Algae, Moss & Muck Off!

We Can Pressure Wash Your Home!

We Will Get To Your Place Fast!

We answer all calls and set appointments ASAP (some on the same day!)

Your pressure washing needs are extremely important.

Getting your place cleaned fast is our top priority.



Who Will Answer The Call?

This is Jose Castellanos.

He will set you up with an appointment that benefits your needs.

Your needs are extremely important to us.

Our Quality Service Is Professional

First, we give you a free estimate on the job.

Second, we give you the best cleaning on your home.

Finally, there is nothing else. We've done this hundreds of times and narrowed it to an art!


Reasons To Choose Us

1. 100% Cleaner House

2. Quick Service

3. Pressure Washing From A Professional

4. On Time Services

5. Free Quotes

6. We have tons of experience!

Here are Some Recent Jobs We Have Done

Just A Little Proof Goes A Long Way

We pressure was a lot of houses, including pressure washing driveways and cleaning sidewalks, porches and more.

Sometimes we take before and after pictures of our jobs, or even video, so you can see how we pressure wash Watsonville.

Here Are A Couple Of Recent Jobs

Commercial Pressure Washing in Watsonville

Brief Explanation:

We have a recurring gig or three where we pressure wash commercial properties. If you have a store or business that needs cleaning… here we are!

Gutter Cleaning in Watsonville

Brief Explanation:

Gleaning your raingutters and awnings can be tiresome and boring. Unless you use a power washer! C&J cleaned this gutter & awning and two others on this day…

Pressure Washing Black Mold

Brief Explanation:

We’ve pressure washed a lot of houses. One thing seems strange: why don’t you power wash mold off? Bleach just kills the mold, remove it with a pressure wash

We have more jobs all over our website. Look at the "Pictures" section!

Let Us Know If You Want To See More Jobs In-Person

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Here Are Some Reviews From Our Customers

Jane H.

Watsonville, CA

Date: 03/05/2017
The experience was the best I worked with other companies but c& j are the best they did alot of things for. $450 some people think it's to much money but I it's the quality of the job the respect they have for you as a woman and the getting the job done thanks a lot jose I'm your customers to the end ...

John B.

Watsonville, CA

Date: 03/05/2017
Jose did a wonderfull job he was on time and he did a great Job I would definitely recommend him to other people I was really satisfied with his job performance

Michael M.

Watsonville, CA

Date: 03/29/2017
These folks are amazing! Really. They came when they said they would and worked until the job was finished. Very thorough, professional and great attention to detail. My house looks like new. Thank you again guys!!! Almost forgot, cost was very reasonable and worth every penny!

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C & J Pressure Cleaning

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With Our Quality Work What More Can You Ask For?

How Much Is It Going To Be?

It all depends on what you need us to do.

Each job requires something different.

Ultimately our goal is to make sure the job is completed to it's fullest.  So, the best way for you to know how much a pressure washing will be is to call us up!


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Contact Us Before There Is No Room Left

Why Would You Go With Anyone Else?

We have professional pressure washers with professional grade equipment, give free quotes, and local service.

We are professional pressure washers right around the corner from you!

We can be there faster, give you a more satisfactory job and make sure your needs are always taken care of!

Why choose anyone else?


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Call Us: (831) 750-1661

Text Us: (831) 750-1661

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C & J Pressure Cleaning

172 Clifford Avenue Watsonville, CA 95076


Pressure washing everything was not a joke. We will pressure wash anything that you need to be cleaned.

It doesn't matter if it's commercial or residential even the many types of decks like patios, verandas, or even just a porch we will do it all.

Whatever the pressure washing need, you can be sure that C&J Pressure Washing will be able to complete it and make anything you need looking new again.


1. Do You Charge Fore Quotes?


Not at C&J Pressure Washing.

We will be glad to give you a quote on any and all things that are in need of a pressure washing.

2. We Have A Bit Of An Emergency, How Fast Can You Be Here?


We can be there within that same day.

Being to every appointment within 24 hours is what C&J Pressure Washing strives to do for each appointment.

If you have an appointment we will strive our best to be there as fast as we can.

3. You Provide Soft Washes For Roofs?


That is the only wash we give to roofs.

Normal pressure washing can really harm the tiles, even to the point of needing to be replaced.

In order to save your the tiles and give your roof the best wash, we will only provide your roof a soft wash