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We have received 4 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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What Do You Need Us To Pressure Wash?

  • Our Building's Exterior Need A Pressure Cleaning
  • The Building Is Fine, The Sidewalk Outside Needs Help
  • Someone Spray Painted Our Building
  • The Roofing Has Not Been Cleaned In A While
  • We Have A Large Area That Needs A Pressure Washing
  • We Have An Atrium That Needs A Pressure Cleaning

Old Run Down Places Turn Customers Away

Graffiti and Dirt Are Bad For Any Commercial Location

We Pressure Wash Places Making Them Look Professional Again

We Get To Your Location Fast

Being a local company ourselves, getting to any commercial location fast is what we do best.

We also know how important time is for all commercial industry, we will always be punctual will your time.



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Jose Castellanos will be the one to take your call as well as any other.

He will get you set up with an appointment that best suits your schedule and get a professional to your place fast.


Do We Clam To Be Professionals?

With all of our professionally trained pressure washers, and each equipped with top of the line equipment.

We absolutely claim to be professionals.


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5. Ultimately A Better Looking Commercial Area

Recent Jobs

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Job Details

Location of Job: Watsonville, CA
When: Apr 12, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Pressure Washing Of Paved Area
Brief Explanation

Commercial pressure washing is a major on-going job we have  since starting our Watsonville company.

A while back I encountered a person at a local farmers market. After talking for some time, it turned out that he was the owner of a warehouse that needed cleaning.

He actually wanted it cleaned on a regular basis after hours to keep the floors free of grime and oils that might collect. This is very common in commercial pressure washing.

After the first commercial pressure washing job we became contracted to go to his place and pressure wash every 3 months or so.

Ultimately we've been good for each other. He's helped us get clients and our commercial pressure washing services keep his warehouse clean.

In the end, if you have commercial pressure washing needs, let C&J fix that situation.

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After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Watsonville, CA
When: Mar 29, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Gutter Cleaning
Brief Explanation

It started as a normal day of work for us at C&J, we had gone to a house to do some pressure washing and to clean the gutters. Around half way through the job, us being on the roof at this point to clean the gutters, one of the next door neighbors contacted us.

Clean The Neighbor's Gutters, Too?

She was also in need of gutter cleaning and asked us if we could do her gutters for her. She was very nice and we were just about finished with the job we were at so we agreed to do it for her.

We were able to get the job done quickly and do a few other minor things. Overall, it was a fun fast job cleaning gutters in Watsonville. And the owner was so happy with our gutter cleaning abilities that she referred us to another one of her friends as well.

If you want you gutters cleaned fast, professionally and  made to look good, call C&J Pressure Washing Watsonville today!

Watsonville, CA

Pressure Washing Black Mold

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Watsonville, CA
When: Apr 1, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Black Mold Removal
Brief Explanation

The other day I met this wonderful lady named Gwen in Starbucks.

We got to talking and she explained that her house was in needed pressure cleaning, because of a black mold problem that had started to grow on the sides of her home.

I was more than happy to tell her that pressure washing houses is my job and that I would be thrilled to pressure wash the mold off of her house for her. She was so happy to have a solution to her mold problem.

Gwen was excited once we arrived to pressure wash her house and rid her of the black mold problem. We started with a layer of bleach on the toughest spots and vinegar on the rest (vinegar kills mold, too) The job went very smoothly and was quickly completed.

Once the Pressure Washing was over Gwen was able to see her house free of the black mold, this made her extremely happy.

Recent Reviews

Jane H.

Watsonville, CA

Date: 03/05/2017
The experience was the best I worked with other companies but c& j are the best they did alot of things for. $450 some people think it's to much money but I it's the quality of the job the respect they have for you as a woman and the getting the job done thanks a lot jose I'm your customers to the end ...

"Three In One Pressure Washing"

John B.

Watsonville, CA

Date: 03/05/2017
Jose did a wonderfull job he was on time and he did a great Job I would definitely recommend him to other people I was really satisfied with his job performance

"Complete Outer Pressure Wash"

Michael M.

Watsonville, CA

Date: 03/29/2017
These folks are amazing! Really. They came when they said they would and worked until the job was finished. Very thorough, professional and great attention to detail. My house looks like new. Thank you again guys!!! Almost forgot, cost was very reasonable and worth every penny!

"Multi Pressure Washing "

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